Beauty at the National Portrait Gallery


The aim was for a Spring start for the 2013 blog, with lots of pictures of sunny London. Unfortunately its almost snowing, at the end of March, and so we've all been forced indoors to drag out the winter a little bit longer. 

Luckily for anyone in London over the next couple of months looking for somewhere to escape to, the National Portrait Gallery is hosting an amazing exhibition of portraits by renowned surrealist, portrait and fashion photographer Man Ray. The exhibition follows his career and work from his move to New York in 1916 to his later photography in Paris in the 70's, so expect a lot of well-known faces (Dali appears in the same room at Ava Gardner), exotic fashion and beautiful women. After an hour with these photos its easy to see why Ray's avante-garde photography and portraits are some of the most iconic of the 20th century. Personally, his pictures of muse Lee Miller are the highlight but its impossible to choose favourites. 

Don't worry about reading up before you drop in either, you can find out the essential bits while you're in there, and with three rooms of photographs you'd need to read for weeks to be clued up on everybody featured in the exhibition. Just enjoy how beautiful, weird, wonderful and effortlessly cool everyone is, and look out for some very special earrings on a very young Catherine Deneuve.

Man Ray at the National Portrait Gallery is open until 27th May, so there's plenty of time to get there!