Volume Colourist IE

Morning After



That moment when: You Wake Up...

and secretly hope your eyelashes flutter just as much as your heart.


That moment when: Gym hottie turns up

We've all been there - spotted someone super hot & hoped they notice us too...


That moment when: You're running late, again!

We're pro at make-up on the go, but what happens when it doesn't quite go to plan?

Volume Colourist Mascara

No more invisible naked lashes - even in those unplanned moments! Our revolutionary new mascara reveals more lashes... even when you're NOT wearing it!

A lash tint complex with natural colorants gradually tints your bare lashes over time. And, in an instant, the volumising formula loads lashes with jet-black impact. Open your eyes to darker, sexier, more noticeable lashes, with and without mascara!